Hi there, and welcome to my blog, well, kind of blog I guess that’s what it is. It will more likely become an assortment my favorite photographs with my incoherent ramblings accompanying them. I’ve decided to create this little space to share my photographs and some of my favorite places I have visited recently. I like to think of this little space as an online scrapbook on which to delve into, either purely just for the enjoyment of the photographs (which I hope you do) or maybe inspire an idea if you are looking for a little trip or day out! Either way I hope you enjoy my posts which will center around travel and exploring!

Who else agrees, is there anything better to do on a day off or in your free time than to pick a new place, be that a countryside village, the seaside, some gardens, a town you’ve never visited even, anything! and just heading off there for the day? Just plug the postcode into the satnav and just head off somewhere completely new? No chores or little jobs to do aren’t these just the best days! Even better would be jumping on a plane and exploring new countries but given my recently home from uni situation that will have to be one for my to do list!

For a while I have been filling up my hard drives with hundreds of photographs from various ‘adventure days’ as I like to call them. I love to look through them every so often and one quite dull evening I thought it would be fun to make this little site to share some of my favourite photographs, and just write what I loved about the places. I love reading other peoples blogs and thought why not share these too. I hope that my posts can share with you a little 5 minute escape perhaps on a day where daily life means you can’t adventure as far as you would like to!

I’ve never written a blog before so if you’ve read through this far down and are still with me then I thankyou! I will attempt in becoming more coherent and less rambly but I will not make a promise I am not sure I can keep… I hope you enjoy having a little peruse through my photographs and my first post ‘a Very English Adventure’.

Lottie x